2015 Tiffin Music & Art Festival Lineup

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We at Tiffin Music & Art Festival, Inc. are pleased to announce the artists who will be performing at the 2015 Tiffin Music & Art Festival.  These artists will grace one of 5 outdoor stages at the festival, with four of those stages located inside a large beer garden area.

The TMAF Stage, Strange Sound Stage, FUSION Stage and Tiffin Tuff Stage will all be located within the beer garden area.  This area is open to all ages on Friday from 4-10pm and on Saturday from 10am-10pm.  Access is limited to ages 18+ after 10pm.

Beer garden admission is listed as follows:

                       21+: $5 All day, both days

      18-20 – Friday: $1 from 4-8pm, $10 after 8pm.

             Saturday: $1 from 10am-8pm, $10 after 8pm

Under 18 – Friday: $1 from 4pm-8pm,  $10 after 8pm

              Saturday: $1 from 10am-8pm, $10 after 8pm


Prices listed are a minimum donation, please donate generously to help us ensure the future of the arts in our community.

If you arrive early and pay to get into the beer garden, you will not be charged again at 8pm.  We encourage all guests to come early, and bring a lawn chair for seating in the beer garden area.

All net proceeds from the event go to benefit the TMAF scholarship program, and donations are greatly appreciated to help us cover the production costs of the event.

The following artists will join us at Hedges Boyer Park the weekend of June 12th and 13th to help us raise funds for the TMAF scholarship fund, created to benefit Tiffin area high school students who are pursuing a degree in the arts.


Friday, June 12

TMAF Stage

Brought to you by:

Red Raven Tattoo & AC Productions

Mitchell James

Mitchell James

Daniel Dye and the Miller Road Band

Daniel Dye and the Miller Road Band

Free Wild

Free Wild

Late Model

Late Model

Sean Williams Band

Sean Williams Band

Tom Frietchen Band

TFB Promo Photo

Tongue ‘n Groove

Tongue n groove

Strange Sound Stage

Hobo Stew


Asbestos Lettuce

asbestos lettuce

Universal Beat Union

universal beat union

Obscure Bliss

Obscure Bliss

Ancient Elephant

Ancient Elephant

FUSION Dance Stage



DJ Holographic

dj holographic



Motion & Manipulation

motion & manipulation

Tiffin Tuff Stage

Colour Rise

colour rise

Lock Jaw

lock jaw



Clark’s Cape

clark's cape

Saturday, June 13

TMAF Stage

brought to you by:

Red Raven Tattoo & AC Productions

Richie Wilkins Trio


Ryan Roth

ryan roth

Earl Cookie and the Galactics

Earl Cookie

Forward Motion Jazz Trio

Forward Motion Jazz Trio

Marwan Maurice

Marwan Maurice

Euphoria Jones

Euphoria Jones



The Rookie Militia

Rookie Militia

Two Years Later

Two Years Later

Drift Lifted

drift lifted

Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights Promo Photo

Strange Sound Stage

Chad Miller w/ Steve Horvath

Chad Miller

Neo Funk

Neo Funk

Alex Hall’s Figurehead

alex halls figurehead

Stoned & Beautiful

stoned and beautiful

Farewell Ride

farewell ride

The Big Black Galactic

The Big Black Galactic



Fried Egg Nebula

fried egg nebula

FUSION Dance Stage



Grizzly Badams

Sierra Suavecita

Ryan B

Fin Moda

DJ New Angle


Complicity (Coma Cox & Rocky Simplicity Tag Team)




Tiffin Tuff Stage

Personal Public

Personal Public

Everyone Leaves

everyone leaves

Survay Says!

survay says!



Ego & the Maniacs

ego and the maniacs

Family Stage

Tomas No Mas

tomas no mas

Christopher Salyer

Christopher Salyer

Tyler Chaffee & Weston Neidermier

Tyler Chaffee and Weston Niedermier

Patty Fancakes


Erica Bickhart

erica bickhart

Martin Koop

martin koop

Early Cookie

earl cookie solo

Ryan Dunlap

ryan dunlap

Get in the Ark

get in the ark

Past Now Present

The Davenport Twins

davenport twins

66 artists on 5 outdoor stages in two days…  All to raise funds for the TMAF scholarship funds to benefit the future of the arts!

Net proceeds means after all expenses are paid, so we need your help making sure we raise enough funds to send all eligible students to school!

Please donate to our paypal account at [email protected], or visit the home page on this website and click the “donate” button.

All donations are tax deductible, Tiffin Music & Art Festival, Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit organization, public charity status 509(a)(2).